Cooperation agreement

General Conditions

The following cooperation agreement will only apply to commercial relation between Performath and its clients and media. In order to sign the present document, you must accept the general terms and conditions in the cooperation agreement.


Both the commercial relation and/or the services provided by Performath could be cancelled before the first 24h without having to tell the client in advance. The client or medium can terminate the agreement and stop using our service at any time.


The fee that appears in the order will be kept for the current campaign. If yours is a branding product there is a fixed fee. If you use a rotational tag, the fee varies according to quality, volume and position of the ad.


Publishers must pay for the service either by credit card, paypal or bank deposit/transfer. Transfers will be charged.

Claims and complaints

You can contact us for queries, claims or complaints. Phone: +549 11 2222 2222
Email: info@performath.com


Performath is responsible for providing the client with an ethical service as scheduled. Deadlines will be respected as long as the company has the correct documents. Any changes or modifications may delay payments.
The client acknowledges that the use of the services is under their full responsibility. Performath will not take responsibility for any sort of direct or indirect perjury, accidental, special, accessory or other, regarding the use or the impossibility of making use of the services.


We use cookies to improve the quality of our ads and make them the most appealing for users to choose them. If you agree to the terms in this legal agreement you agree to the use of cookies both in the site and in the campaign.
Cookies register the information we use in the websites we represent and each of the clients who trust in our work. Websites generally store information in the users’ computers and it is used by Performath to improve the quality of the ads and boost its performance.
Performath treats information collected with cookies and similar technologies as non-personal information. This guarantees users’ confidentiality.

Use of information

Performath can use all the information collected through cookies and others to send ads via email and/or to advertise related products and services. By no means will personal information be disclosed or shared with others in an explicit way.


Performath will issue bills monthly and the client will receive it between 5 and 7 days after the end of the month in which the bill is issued.
The publisher should sign and send the order after they do so. Any delay while resending implies a delay in the following month’s payment.
Clients agree to pay and settle the expenditure of the billed period within 10 days. Any delay on payment will be charged an extra 1% per day.

Personal Information

Performath saves your personal information and your billing in a highly strict way. Sensitive information which might have a negative impact on the image of the client or the media will not be disclosed.


The present general conditions for advertisings’ sale and purchase follow law os the United States of America. Any problems/conflicts in relation to Performath’s commercial relationship with the client will be under full responsibility of an American court law.


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