Performath produces high-quality content so as to generate the best context if you want to reach a specific target.

Our mission is to help you reach those users who are interested in your content. Thus, we segmented the best audience for your ads.

• Our Service •

Purchase and Planning

Trafficking purchase includes:

• Desktop
- We access every website in the world through multiple platforms.
- We guarantee full planning and optimization service.
- We provide our clients with real-time reports.

• Mobile
Multiple format support: Banners, IM, Pop unders, Interstitial, In-Feed Native, InApps and more.

• Video:
- We guarantee full transparency and a more suitable scope through programmatic buying.
- We work hand-in-hand with the most important SSP and brand protection solutions for traffic fraud.
- Viewable content for your ads in the most important websites.

• Mobile Video:
The main benefit we provide our clients with is our segmentation and follow-up service so as to reach the target audience and measurable solutions. We reach all devices, anywhere.
- Web & InApp
- Integrated with SSPs
- Native Video



Given this tool’s specificity and the high number of products which are advertised and purchased as a result of an online search, we understand that all digital projects should have either a natural or organic positioning in web browsers.


Social Media

Social networks are the most effective tool when trying to reach a specific target. Moreover, they also allow you to show that your brand is trustworthy, to make a targeting and re-targeting strategy or to make an impact through video ads.


Purchase and

Web Browsers

Social Media